Recent Appearances

Recent Appearances

Winter 2019

WTOP: After the 'Yes': Advice for the Newly Engaged

The Globe & Mail: Is the Golden Age of Online Dating Over?

MSN: Signs You're in a Toxic Friendship

Tinder Swipe Life: How to Know If You Actually Like Someone

Seventeen Magazine: 7 Signs You Might Be Falling Out of Love

Bravo TV: Working Dad Guilt is a Thing, Just Ask Bill Hader

Bravo TV: Why Do So Many Couples Break Up After Having a Baby?

Reader's Digest: Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

Summer/Fall 2018

People Magazine: My Pregnancy Struggle Came to An End When My Cousin Became My Gestational Carrier

Business Insider: Signs You're Probably Ready to Get Married

Family Circle Magazine: Andrea Syrtash Shares 5 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

TalkSpace: Asking "Are You Having Kids?" Can Damage a Person's Mental Health

PopSugar: If Sex Gives You Anxiety...

Fruitful Fertility: Meet Andrea Syrtash, Founder of pregnantish

Mommyshorts: A New Relationship Column by Expert Andrea Syrtash

Boostr Talks: Interview with Author, Andrea Syrtash

WTOP: How to Talk to a Friend Experiencing Infertility

Business Insider: Dating Coaches Are Helping People Find Love: Meet 3

Tablet Magazine (The Chosen Ones): An Interview with Andrea Syrtash

Dating News: Spotlight on Andrea Syrtash

Frommers: Hidden Romance, Quebec City

Insider: 4 Dating Rules Your Should Break, According to an Expert

Shine Bright Conference (Chicago): Keynote Speaker, Andrea Syrtash

Resolve New England: Keynote Speaker, Andrea Syrtash

Reader's Digest: Amazing Things Girlfriends Have Done for One Another

Refinery29: Social Media & Dating: The Ever Evolving Rules

What to Expect: I Struggled To Get Pregnant For Years. Why Do I Feel Guilty Announcing Mine?

Chicago Tribune: Ask the Expert, Andrea Syrtash

HuffPo - IVFML Podcast: Deciding to Use a Surrogate is the Easy Part

Modern Loss: Unmet Love, by Andrea Syrtash

Inside Edition (TV): Were Their Signs Arianna Grande and Pete Davidson Were Heading for a Split?

CBS NY (TV): Thanksgiving Etiquette

Winter/Spring 2018

CNBC: The Bizarre Money Secret Many Americans Keep

The Loop: How to Be Better At Being Single

Fertilust: The Girlfriend's Guide to IVF

Love Signs: 100 Amazing Females To Follow for a Perfect Love Life

Bumps to Baby: Nevertheless, She Persisted: Meet Andrea Syrtash

Hello Giggles: This is What a Relationship Expert Thinks About Open Relationships

MSN: How to Support Your Friends Through Infertility

New York Family: Sexual Health and Wellness from Conception to Postpartum

Bravo TV: Meghan Markle's Whirlwind Romance is the Opposite of Kate Middleton's

Policy Times: 8 Beautiful Authors You Should Know

Business Insider: Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Ex's Friendship

Bravo TV: Would You Leave Your Partner If He Gained A Ton of Weight?

CNBC: The New Rules of Dating (video)

ABC How to Date Your Husband Again

Buzzfeed: Couples Debate What Micro-cheating Is (video)

Bravo TV: Why Marriages Like Amy Schumer's May Be The Best

Fall/Winter 2017

Cosmopolitan Magazine: How to Stay Sane While Living at Home After College

Business Insider: Experts explain why celebrities have such a difficult time dating ordinary people

Romper: The One Thing Most Infertility Stories Don't Mention

Fox News: Millennials Cheat Less Than Their Parents

Men's Health Magazine: 3 Reasons Women Don't Message You Back

Rewire: Is It Really Possible to Be Friends with An Ex?

Babe: Why You Should Have Sex on the First Date

Readers Digest: 11 Signs Your Relationship Needs Marriage Counseling - Now Are You Too Old to Be Sexting?

Men's Health Magazine: Does it Count as Cheating if You Have Sex with a Robot?

US News: How to Spot Financial Infidelity

This is Why You're Single (Podcast): Creating Your Dating Checklist with Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash

Bravo TV: What If You Show Up on a Blind Date & Don't Like What You See?

Bravo TV: What Katie Maloney-Schwartz & Tom Schwartz Talking About Their Marriage Problems Means How This 'Pregnantish' Entrepreneur Turned Her Fertility Issue Into a First-to-Market Business

The Today Show: Why Ina Garten Believes Roast Chicken Has "Magic Powers"

Business Insider: 5 Science-Backed Ways to Get Over a Rough Breakup

New York Post: We Went Bankrupt to Have a Baby

Bravo TV: How do Some Long-Distance Relationships Actually Work Out?

Business Insider: 5 Secrets You Can Keep From Your Partner Without Destroying Your Relationship


Good Day LA (Fox): Summer Travel and Your Relationships

Travelzoo: 5 Tips for Traveling Together, by Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash

Star Magazine: Andrea Syrtash on Star Relationships and Travel

The Wendy Williams Show: The Pitfalls of Online Dating

The New York Post: Why Millennials Cheat Less Than Their Parents

The Observer: Can Celebrities Date Ordinary People?

Rewire (PBS): Is it Really Possible To Be Friends with an Ex?

Men's Health: 7 Must-Have Conversations for a Healthy Sex Life

Your Tango Sexual Attraction

I Make a Living (Live Event) Andrea Syrtash

Men's Fitness How to Live With Your Girlfriend

Men's Health: Tinder and Why She Won't Text You Back

The Washington Post: Is Breakup Sex Ever a Good Idea?

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Why a Work Fling is So Irresistible

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Guide to Living at Home After College


Andrea Hosted a TV pilot for Fox, LOVE 911

Fox10 Arizona: Andrea Syrtash and Love911

I Heart Radio Interview with Host Andrea Syrtash

Inside Edition: Relationship Expert on Joe Biden's Son's Relationship

Business Insider: Andrea Syrtash On Bettering Your Dating Life

Business Insider: Here's What To Say When You Want to End Friendship

New York Magazine's The Cut Sex Lives Podcast, On Being Pregnantish

The Washington Post: She Changed His Flat Tire. He Never Called Again.

The Zoe Report: How to Take Cuffing to the Next Level

Nylon Magazine: How to Know Your Relationship is Really Over

The Chive: Experts Reveal The Worst Relationship Advice

Seriously.TV: Should I Be in An Open Relationship?

Yahoo!: What's Wrong With This Bachelor Couple?

Allure Magazine: What Most Couples Won't Admit About Their Sex Lives

The Wendy Williams Show: 5 Signs He's Mr. Wrong

Cosmopolitan Magazine: How to Date a Co-Worker

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Andrea Syrtash 'The Rule Breaker'

WINTER 2017 Kiss Your Kids on the Lips All Your Want, Relationship Experts Say HNIC of Love with Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash

Mommy Shorts: Is Love a Drug That Wears Off? Column by Andrea Syrtash

Look Magazine: A Relationship Expert Weighs in on How to Have an Open Relationship

Huffington Post: 10 First Date Ideas That Are Much Better Than Grabbing a Drink

Business Insider: A Dating Expert Reveals Trick of Better Relationships

Readers Digest: Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse

Men's Fitness: How to Live With Your Girlfriend

Rodale Wellness: The 4 Essential Ingredients of a Good Relationship


Hollywood Today Live (TV): Wedding and Relationship Trends with Andrea Syrtash

Brides Magazine: How to Tell a Friend That You Don't Support Her Engagement

Shermans Travel: Beautiful and Romantic Places to Stay Around the World

Charming Robot: Interview with Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash (Audio)

Interview with Co-Host of OWN's Life Story Project,: Andrea Syrtash

Mommy Shorts: Andrea Answers Reader Questions Signs You're in a Toxic Friendship Turns Out, Men Also Have a Biological Clock Why It's Okay to Start Your Relationship Long Distance Andrea Syrtash Says Don't Press Snooze on Your Relationships


AOL (video): Fighting Fair in Your Relationship

Inside Edition (video): Should Iggy Azalea Marry LA Laker Nick Young After He Cheated? Top Relationship Trends 2016 6 Signs That You're in a Toxic Friendship How to Survive Engagement Season When You're Single How to Argue the Right Way The New Rules of Office Romance 5 Ways to Meet Dates (That Don't Involve Your Phone or Computer) How to Make Legit New Friends Post College The Top Reasons Celebrity Marriages Fail (And What We Can Learn From It) Text Fighting Can Be Good For Your Relationship What Does Cheating Mean, Really? What Men Really Think About When They Masturbate Yup, Smell Dating is a Thing

Mommy Shorts: Andrea's advice: What Attracts You Repels You

Story in a Bottle: Interview with Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash (audio)

Shape Magazine: The Athletic Girl's Guide to Making an Online Dating Profile

Redbook Magazine: How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

MSN The 7 Most Toxic Relationship Patterns

Andrea spoke at TEDxNavesink "Makers" (largest on the East Coast!) about How to Make Love (Outside the Bedroom)


The Chicago Tribune: Experts Reveal 'Love: What is it, really?

Shape Magazine: Are On-Again/Off-Again Relationships Healthy? The Best Dating Advice You've Ever Heard: Interview with Andrea Syrtash

The New York Post: His Sexy Job Made Me Swipe Right

Men's Journal: How to Have Casual Sex with Friends Should I Break Up

Life Hacker (video): Stop Trying to Date Your 'Type'

Reader's Digest: Habits of Couples with Steamy Sex Lives

Romper: 9 Habits of Couples with a Great Sex Life

Her Campus: Should You Stay in a Relationship With No Future?

Mumbai Mirror: 10 Ways to Up Your Sex Drive

Tech Insider (video): How to Get Over a Breakup

Redbook: The 7 Most Toxic Relationship Patterns

CBS Radio: The Jim Brickman Show: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The Richest: The 10 Hottest Writers in the World: Andrea Syrtash

Live Event: LADY/FREAK with UCB:

WINTER 2015/2016

Glamour Magazine: How to Survive Engagement Season When You're Single

Redbook Magazine: The 7 Most Toxic Relationship Patterns

Cosmopolitan Magazine: 5 Bad Sex Habits to Break

Cosmopolitan Magazine: How to Get Your Ex Back How to Improve Your Sex Drive

The Nightstand: How to Get Naughty When Home for the Holidays

Business Insider: Eliminate this Word from Your Dating Life

Tech Insider (video): Getting Over a Breakup

Good Morning America (video) : Facebook Unveils New Breakup Tool

Discovery ID: Momsters (Air Date, Dec 4 2015)


The New York Post: Why It's Ok to be The Office Flirt (Video)

The Meredith Vieira Show: Ultimate Dating Dilemmas (Video)

The Meredith Vieira Show: Is Sex On The First Date Appropriate? (Video)

Fox News: Your World With Neil Cavuto; Marriage Rates Dropping (Video)

Good Morning America: Mismatched Couples (Video)

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Get Your Ex Back

Yahoo! Screen: Improve Your Relationship (Video)

Better TV: Online Dating Dos and Don'ts (Video)

Bustle: Why You Should Never Be Ashamed of a One-Night Stand

Good Housekeeping: Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Sex Life

OWN's Life Story Project: Spotlight on Host, Andrea Syrtash

Brides: Can You Ever Invite An Ex To Your Wedding?

Huffington Post Live: NY Fleet Week Means Just One Thing (Video)

The New York Post: Why TV is Ruining Your Relationship

The New York Post: Is Dating Making Me Numb Inside? (Video)

Brides: How Much Should You Share About Sex?

Redbook Magazine: 10 Things Every Happy Marriage Has in Common (via MSN)

Cosmopolitan Magazine: 8 Myths About Men You Need to Stop Believing

Cosmopolitan Magazine: 10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

The Morning Blend: Women's History Month (Sponsored Video) Dating Lessons from Teenagers

Girls Ask Guys: Relationship Expert Andrea Syrtash Doesn't Like Dating Rules


Good Morning America: When One Wants Kids & the Other Doesn't (Video)

Investigation Discovery: MOMSTERS (Video)

Glamour Magazine: Why is TV So Down on Marriage?

AOL: Can a Bad Friendship Be Saved? (Video)

The New York Post: Why Old School Dating Works - When's the Right Time to Go from Friend to Lover?

Fox 4 - The Morning Blend: Tips for Empowering Women (Video)

Her Campus: Should You Stay in Relationships with No Future?

Life & Style Weekly: Andrea Syrtash Weighs in on Brad & Angelina

AOL: Fight Fairly (Video)

NPR: Marketplace Money, Marriage & Money

Yahoo! Celebrity: Online Dating Truths & Lies (Video)

Wedding Oprah: Interview with Relationship Expert, Andrea Syrtash

WWL AM-FM Radio: Should your Spouse be your Soulmate?

Washington Post Express: How to Break up With a Roommate What does Cameron Diaz see in Benji Madden?

Woman's Day: Marriage Problems That Are Good For Your Relationship

CMS Wire: Interview with Author, Andrea Syrtash

The Nest: Andrea's Top 10 To-Dos To Be The Best Couple

Yahoo! TV: When to Breakup with Your Favorite Shows!

Your Weekend with Jim Brickman (CBS Local): Interview with Andrea Syrtash

VetStreet: MCould your Cat Be Ruining Your Relationship?

NY Post: Dating App Founders Still Single?


CBS Radio - The Jim Brickman Show
WTOP Radio - How to Break Up with a Toxic Friend
Life & Style Weekly (March issue)
Live Appearance: No More Toxic Relationships (April)
Esquire Magazine (May issue)
Glamour Magazine (May issue)
Cosmopolitan Magazine (May issue)
The New York Post (video): Dating Q&A (May 2015)
The Meredith Vieria Show- June 1

Spotlight on Andrea Syrtash with

FALL/WINTER 2014 How to Fight-Proof Your Honeymoon

Prevention Magazine: 9 Books That Can Change Your Life in 2015

Men's Health: How to Be a Better Husband

The New York Post: Having Sex at Home During the Holidays News, The Morning Show: Fall is Break-up Season!

WTOP: Breakup Season!

SheKnows: How to Deal with Awkward Adventures of Online Dating (in partnership with the FXX series, "Man Seeking Woman")

MSN Glo: Crushed

Huffington Post: When Your Partner Feels More Like a Roommate

Prevention Magazine: 12 Awkward Sex Questions Answered 

SheKnows: Sexy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship (In partnership with the movie, 'Sex Tape')

SheKnows: Kendra on Top Premiere, Expert Advice with Andrea Syrtash

SheKnows: Did Hugh Hefner Give Kendra the Best Advice? 

Huffington Post (Home): 5 Real Questions to Ask Before Moving In Together

Brides: Don't Let These Things Kill Your Sex Drive 

WTOP: Does a Happy Wife = a Happy Life? (Audio) 

BetterTV: Recovering from a Break Up

AOL: Romance With Limited Finances  (Video) 

The Times of India: The Spouse vs Bestie Conflict

SheKnows: How to Be Patient with Kooky Family Members

MSN: Happy Marriage Checklist

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Why He Never Texted Back 

Brides Magazine: 4 Mistakes Newlyweds Make 

Divine Caroline: Sex on the First Date

Yahoo! Screen: Relationship Dealbreakers (Video)

Life & Style Weekly (Nov issue) 

Live Appearance: Canyon Ranch, Arizona: Relationships 3.0 Get Your Spark Back!


Marketplace Money, NPR: Marriage & Money

Alicia Menendez Tonight, Fusion TV: Dating Expert Rates Flirting Techniques

Know More TV for AOL: My Friend's Partner is Hitting on Me. Help! (video)

Destination I Do, Wedding Planning Advice

Elle Magazine: Mini Heartbreaks Hurt So Good

Men's Health: Survive Your One-Night Stand

refinery29: Overcoming Shyness in Your Relationships

New York Daily News: Not Having Enough Sex?

Women's Health: The Case for a Night Away from Your Spouse

Redbook Magazine: The Ultimate Happy-Married Checklist

Elite Daily: 7 Proven Reasons It's Perfectly Ok to Have Sex on the First Date 10 Tips Every Introvert Should Know

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Relationship Virgins (July 2014 issue)


The NY Post: Who Splits the Bill with Vacation Costs?

Women's Health: How Americans Really Feels About Marriage

AOL: The Surprising Secret to a Passionate Marriage (Video)

The Stir: How to Say No to Sex Without Hurting Your Husband 

Toronto Star: Andrea Syrtash on Long Distance Relationships 

Shape Magazine (May 2014) 

Live Appearance: Canyon Ranch, Arizona: Relationship Resolutions 

FALL 2013/WINTER 2014

Women's Health: Should You Give Up on Dating?

Cosmopolitan Magazine: The Real Reasons Dudes Disappear.

Know More TV: Is fantasizing normal?

Washington Examiner: Divorcing? The Worst Thing You Can Do When Angry.

AOL: Best Places to Meet New Men (Video)

ABC News: Oh Baby! Valentine's Day Ideas for Parents

Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK): Women Can Have Sex Like Men

CNBC: How to Avoid a Breakup While House Hunting

Huffington Post: A Good We Start with A Good Me How to Tell If He's Interested (Video)

Women's Health: Sex With An Ex

Marketplace Money (NPR): Money & Relationships Interview with Andrea Syrtash

Washington Post: Wedding Proposals

MSN: Top Relationship Trends of 2013

Glamour: Are you a Nearlywed?

Galtime: How to Do Divorced Dating Right

The Sydney Morning Herald: Is Sex on the First Date Really Such a Bad Idea? 'Spouse Buzz': Sexy Skype for Valentine's Day?

Metro NY: New Years Dating Resolutions

LiteFM, Bronson and Christine Show: Valentine's Day Interview

First Wives World: Interview with Andrea Syrtash

The Globe & Mail: Online Etiquette Post Breakup

The Toronto Star: Long Distance Relationship Advice from Andrea Syrtash

Refinery 29: Top Dating Books

Women's Health: Do You Care if A Guy Has a College Degree?

HLN Upwave: How to Avoid Online Dating Burnout

Allure Magazine - March 2014

Cosmo Magazine - July 2014

Women's Health Magazine (March 2014) 

Cosmopolitan Magazine (March 2014)


Canyon Ranch (Arizona), May 2014: Relationship Resolutions with Andrea Syrtash

Allure Magazine & ESQ Movado: Girls Night Out with Andrea Syrtash, November 2013


On-Air with Ryan Seacrest: Interview with Andrea Syrtash

ABC's The VIEW: Interview with Authors Andrea Syrtash & Jeff Wilser

CNN Headline News: Love & Dating

New York Post: Go Ahead & Break the Rules!

Huffington Post: 10 Ways Traditional Rules Can Ruin a Date

Yahoo! The Mansome Show: The Guide to Long-Distance Relationships

E! Talk: Celebrities Who Break Dating Rules

Yahoo! The Mansome Show: Early Relationship Mistakes

Atlanta Business Chronicle: Syrtash & Wilser's Dating Debunked Hits Atlanta

Daily Mail UK: Yes! You Can Have Sex on the First Date

Lifestyle Mirror: New Rules for Dating

Chatelaine Magazine: Interview with Author Andrea Syrtash

MSN Now: Dating Myths Debunked

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Become a Dating Rebel

The Frisky: 8 Love Rules Made to Be Broken

POP Sugar: June Book Club Pick

Publisher's Weekly: Book Review

LIVE EVENT (Book Signings)

Chicago - Drum Bar (July 14)

San Diego - Wine Steals (July 15)

Los Angeles - The Shore Hotel (July 17)

Atlanta - STK (July 19)


OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) Life Story Project (2013)

Yahoo! "Mansome": "Do Nice Guys Finish Last?" (May)

Yahoo! "Mansome": "How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting" (May)

AOL/Everyday Health: Relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash (May) 10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

Cosmopolitan Magazine: How to Get Some When You Live At Home Are You Keeping Your Resolutions?

Chatelaine Magazine: How to Get Turned On Again

"How Are You So Sexy: Andrea Syrtash?" produced by Rodale & One Glass Video

The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth: Online Dating, When You Can't Lie

Canadian Stage : Pre-show talk with relationship expert, Andrea Syrtash

Oh So Cosmo!: Wilder Asks a Relationship Author for Advice

"Employee of the Month: Andrea Syrtash"

WINTER 2012/13

Andrea did a Valentine's Day Satellite Media Tour (SMT) on behalf of MSN Bing on February 11, 2013
WSB ABC TV "Hot Topics" Orlando, Atlanta & Charlotte (Taped)
WMMI-AM - Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo - 7:20 am
WFXL-FOX TV - Albany, GA - 7:30 am
WGIR Radio (AM) - Boston, MA - 7:40 am
WSOY Fox Radio (AM) - Champaign-Springfield, IL - 7:50 am
WJXT TV - Jacksonville, FL - 8:10 am
WGME CBS TV - Portland/Auburn, OR - 8:30 am ET
WZTK Radio FM- Nationally Syndicated - 8:40 am
KTUL ABC TV - Tulsa, OK (Taped)
WITI Fox TV - Milwaukee, WI - 9:15 am
KMTV CBS TV - Omaha, NB - (Taped)
WCIA CBS TV - Champaign-Springfield-Deca, IL - (Taped)
WTSP CBS TV - Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL - (Taped)
WCNC NBC TV - Charlotte-Gastonia, NC - (Taped)
KTNV ABC TV - Las Vegas, NV - (Taped)
WJBK Fox TV - Detroit, MI - (Taped)
WBRE NBC TV - Scranton, PA - 10:20 am
KCTU TV - Wichita-Huchtison, KS - (Taped)
WCHE Radio AM News - Philadelphia, PA - (Taped)
It's Your Health Radio - Boston, MA - (Taped)
KCTV CBS TV - Kansas City, MO - 11 am
WBOC CBS TV - Salisbury, MD - (Taped)
KSLA CBS TV - Shreveport, LA - (Taped)
KMOV CBS TV - St. Louis, MO - 11:40 am
WFTX FOX TV (Morning Blend) - Ft. Myers-Naples, FL - (Taped)
Momtastic (Online) - Taped
Cinestars (distributed to websites including NY Post, LA Times & The Boston Globe)
XETV TV - San Diego, CA - (Taped)

America News Network (National Radio) - Feb 13, 11:30 am ET

The Morning Show - Andrea & her co-host talk about "Life Story Project" (OWN Canada)

Globe & Mail - How Becoming a Better Listener Can Improve Your Relationship

"Mad Life Show" Cafe Mom- Why Resolutions Don't Stick

Yahoo! "The Shine" - The Dos and Don'ts of Dumping

Women's Health - The Scary Way Your In-Laws Affect Your Marriage

CTV News Channel - Why Powerful Men Cheat

Woman's Day - Marriage Problems That Are Actually Good for Your Relationship

Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius XM) : Andrea shares dating advice Nov 30, 5 pm ET

WTOP ("Washington's All-News Radio") - Love at the Airport

Live Appearance (Dec 22-27): Red Mountain Resort & Spa


The Wendy Williams Show - "Ask Wendy & Andrea: Dating Edition" (Airing Fall 2012)
The Wendy Williams Show - Backstage with Andrea: 3 Tips to Jumpstart your Dating Life
On-Air with Ryan Seacrest - Interview with Author Andrea Syrtash
Yahoo 'The Shine' - Cheat With Your Husband
The Nest - Cliches About Men That Are Actually True
Yahoo 'The Shine' - Breaking Up The Right Way
Yahoo 'The Shine' - Facebook and Dating
Cosmopolitan Magazine - 10 Signs He's Ready for Marriage
MSN Glo - The Qualities All Faithful Men Have
Cosmopolitan Magazine (Australia) - What's Your Flirting Style?
Prevention Magazine - Marriage Makeovers
The Chicago Tribune - Grandparent Wars - Andrea Syrtash: From Toronto to Oprah Winfrey
The Daily Beast (The Sexy Beast)
Cosmopolitan Magazine - How to Seduce Him Quiz (August 2012) - The Dos and Dont's of Having the "What Are We?" Talk
Live Appearance (June 19) - 140 Conference, 92nd St Y
Live Appearance (June 28-July 3) - Red Mountain Resort & Spa


Live Appearance: VENUS IN FUR (Broadway)- Andrea has been invited to join a 'talkback' with the audience, moderated by Judith Regan (April 25)
CBS Mancave: Andrea is included in Sexy Scribes: 11 Beautiful Authors
Glamour Magazine: How to Tell if He's Interested
Chatelaine Magazine: How to Get Turned On Again CBS This Morning: He Said/She Said Valentine's Day Advice
Cosmopolitan Magazine: Is Your Dating Type Right for You?
Yahoo Shine: Where to Meet Mr. Right
Cafe Mom: The Secret to Keeping a Monster-in-Law from Sabotaging Your Marriage
The National Post: Chivalry & The Titanic
Canadian Living Magazine: Tips for Successful Sexting
Huffington Post/AOL: Andrea weighs in on Tim Tebow & Taylor Swift Romance
MSN Living: Supercharge Your Lovelife with Andrea Syrtash

Andrea did a Valentine's Day Satellite Media Tour (SMT) on behalf of MSN Living on Wednesday, February 9 2012.
7:20 am- WVOX Radio AM (News) -NY
7:40 am - WPMT FOX TV - Harrisburg, PA
7:50 am -KTTV FOX TV - Los Angeles
8:20 am -KTMB CBS TV - San Diego
8:30 am - WBZ Radio AM (News) CBS Radio - Boston (Taped)
8:40 am - WBHF Radio AM - Atlanta
8:45 am - WITI FOX TV - Milwaukee
8:50 am - CW-TV - Rochester
8:55 am - WKBW ABC TV - Buffalo (Taped)
9:00 am - WCNC NBC TV - Charlotte, NC (Taped)
9:15 am - WFUS Radio FM - Clear Channel Radio - Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
9:20 am -- KXLY ABC TV - Spokane
9:25 am - KWTX CBS TV - Waco/Temple (Taped)
9:30 am - WALR Radio FM ABC Radio - Atlanta (Taped)
9:40 am - WXIX FOX TV - Cincinnati
9:50 am - WYAM - Huntsville/Decatur (Taped)
10:00 am - WZZM ABC TV - Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo (Taped)
10:10 am - WNLO CW TV - Buffalo (Taped)
10:15 am - KSTU FOX TV - Salt Lake City
10:25 am - WCMH NBC TV - Columbus, Ohio
10:35 am - WWL CBS TV - New Orleans (Taped)
10:40 am - WCHE Radio AM - Philadelphia (Taped)
10:50 am - WBIG Radio AM (News) Clear Channel Radio - Chicago
10:55 am - WBFF FOX TV - Baltimore (Taped)
11:00 am - WCPO ABC TV - Cincinnati (Taped)
11:10 am - KBFX FOX TV - Bakersfield
11:20 am - KKZ Radio AM (News) - Los Angeles
11:30 am - KMOV CBS TV - St. Louis
11:40 am - WTMX Radio FM - Chicago
11:50 am - WDIS Radio AM (News) - Boston

St. Joseph News Press - Missouri
MSN Living: Break the Rules for Better Romance
MSN Living: 8 Surprising Secrets Happy Couples Know
Cosmo Radio (SIRIUS XM 109): Wake Up With Taylor (Feb 6)
The Bo Show (LGBT BlogTalk Radio): Interview With Andrea Syrtash
Beauty Sweet Spot: Valentine's Day Advice
EmpowHER: Spice It Up in The Bedroom
Daily Makeover: Decode His Text Messages
Spa Week Daily: 10 Love Life Tips for Healthy Relationships
Celebrity Parents Magazine: Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)
TWITTER PARTY : Andrea Syrtash + Mom Central on behalf of MSN Living Feb 8 4-5pm
TWITTER PARTY: Andrea Syrtash Valentine's Day Chat with Schick Quattro for Women


POPEATER/Huffington Post: Are Hollywood Relationships Doomed?
INC. Magazine : Dating Advice for the Single Entrepreneur
MSN Glo: Gotta Have It: Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)
Travelgirl Magazine: Rekindling Romance After Vacation
Canoe.CA: Couples Resolve to Get Closer
Glam Bush: Quattro Dating Rules to Live By
NewsTalk 1010: Keep Your New Year Resolutions
Live Appearance with Schick Quattro: Bryant Park Hotel (Jan 9, 7 pm)
Twitter Chat with Schick Quattro: Jan 31 8 pm ET/5 pm PT @andreasyrtash


CTV News Channel: Popculture & Current Events
MSN GLO: Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
CTV News Channel: Holidays & Relationships
Lil Sugar: Tips to Keep Romance Alive Post Baby
Brown Suga Radio: Dating & Relationship Advice
Working Mother Magazine: Recommends Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)
CJAD Radio Montreal: Marriage Advice (Dec 17)
Martha Stewart Radio: Gift Dos and Don'ts (Dec 12)


CTV News Channel: Reality Romance & Kim Kardashian
The Bill Cunningham Show: Andrea helps couples struggling with jealousy
Breakfast Television: Marriage Advice
City Book Review: Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband)
Hitched Magazine: Feature on Andrea Syrtash Take Andrea's Marriage Style Quiz!
Cosmo for Guys: How to Date Someone Who's Hard to Get
LIVE APPEARANCE 92nd St Y NYC (Nov 9 3:50 pm): Brands Conference
LIVE APPEARANCE Javits Center NYC (Nov 16 2 pm, Rm7): Extreme Social Makeover
LIVE APPEARANCE Indigo Books Toronto (Nov 24 7 pm): Speaking Signing


NBC TODAY SHOW: Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband)
The Marilyn Denis Show: Dating Your Spouse
OK! Magazine (Week of Oct 10): Andrea comments on "renewable marriage"
MSN Glo: Married with a Crush?
97X-WSUN (Tampa): Real Sex Show with guest, Andrea Syrtash
Your Time with Kim Iverson: Lifeline with guest Andrea Syrtash
News Channel 8, Connecticut Style: Interview with Andrea Syrtash
101.9 FM (Merlin Media; NY/Chicago): Interview with Author Andrea Syrtash "Stuff We Love": Zen Your Marriage
AOL "You've Got" series (Oct): You've Got Andrea Syrtash
Two Day Mag : Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband) Book Review
Mommyish: Cheat On Your Kids, Improve Your Sex Life
CTV News Channel: Interview with Author Andrea Syrtash
LIVE EVENT San Francisco BOOK PASSAGE (Oct 25, 6 pm) Speaking/Signing
LIVE EVENT Los Angeles BOOK SOUP (Oct 26, 7 pm) Speaking/Signing


Cityline: Andrea Talks Dating
Better TV: How to Date Your Spouse
Martha Stewart Radio: Interview with Author Andrea Syrtash
New York Daily News (September 15) - New York Author, Andrea Syrtash (feature)
Redbook Magazine: Advice on 'Married Crushes
MORE Magazine: Quick Fixes for Your Sex Life
The Globe & Mail: Social Networks for Two
MSN's GLO: The One Thing You Should Know About Marriage
LIVE EVENT: Babeland New York, SOHO (Sep 14): Speaking & Signing
LIVE EVENT: Baltimore Book Festival (Sep 23): Ladies Night Out: Relationship Panel


iVillage (August 30): Making Time for Love
Martha Stewart Radio "Living Today" show (August 23): Relationship Advice
MSN's GLO (August 10): Do These Traditions Prevent Gender Equality?
iVillage (Canada) (August 8): Where are the (Normal) Single Men Hiding?
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WINTER 2010/11

NBC's The Today Show: Advice for Married Women
Live Digital on NBC: Digital Dating
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Digital Living on Sirius XM Feb 14 (starts at 74 min): Digital Dating
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Gift Giving, Platinum Proposals and How to Navigate the Holidays & Relationships! (Satellite Media Tour info below) Dec 1, 2010
WISH CBS TV , Indianapolis
WTMJ NBC TV, Milwaukee

FALL 2010

ABC News Now: Finding Mr Right
CBS Early Show: He's Just Not Your Type
CW Network/WGN9 Chicago: Author Andrea Syrtash
Washington Post: On Love Dating Tips & Advice
San Francisco Chronicle: Dating Advice
Marie Claire Magazine: Your Geographical Guide To Finding Love
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